Spring 2021 in the Saratoga Area

Ok, so it's not quite summer yet, but here in Saratoga the temperatures lately would have you thinking otherwise.

I captured this toad in Saratoga with my iPhone.  Click here to see more of my recent iPhone photos.

My friend Barb and I visited the new Hudson Crossing park in Schuylerville in April.  Although the trees were still pretty bare, I did meet this beautiful black lab named Bogey, after Humphrey Bogart.

I captured the above and below photos of St. Clement's Church and the beautiful blooms outside it with my phone.

Up in Glens Falls, I captured a few photos at Crandall Park.  Click here to order a print of this photo.

I captured this view while walking over the bridge in the park.  Click here to order a print of this photo.

There's nothing more pleasant than a spring afternoon in Saratoga.  Click here to order a print of this photo.

Look at this cutie pie!

A canine encounter on Lake Ave.

I love the blooms on this tree, but unfortunately, there were some power lines in the photo.  Thankfully, they were fairly easy to remove in Photoshop.

This is Zoe, a therapy dog at the school where I teach.  Isn't she gorgeous?  She brings so much joy to the staff and students.

This is the area outside my classroom!  The trees look so beautiful during their peak bloom.

This is a reflection on my classroom window, with Paris decals I bought at Epcot.

In this photo, you can see inside my classroom with the blooms outside reflected in the window.

The pink flamingos in the courtyard are part of a decades-long tradition that we welcome with the advent of spring each year.

This could have been taken anywhere, but it was taken out in front of the school as I was heading out for the day.

Hathorn Spring, known for its sulphury taste, is located in downtown Saratoga.  Click here to order a print of this photo.

Recently Saratoga installed a pride crosswalk downtown to represent the city's support of the LGBTQ+ community.  I snapped a few photos while I was there.

Congress Park is a wonderful place to hang out on a warm spring afternoon.  Click here to order a print of this photo.

This fountain can be found near Canfield Casino.  Click here to order a print of this photo.

I captured this photo of the city's flag in the park.

I saw this written on the sidewalk.  A nice sentiment!

This is what's left of the statue commemorating Civil War soldiers that was senselessly destroyed last summer.

I recently partook in a mini golf league with my colleagues, which culminated with a happy hour at Artisanal Brew Works.  I got the "good sport award" (read:  worst score), which earned me a free drink!

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All photos in this post © Samantha Decker and may not be reused without permission.

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