Crazy Cat Lady Alert! Recent Photos of My (Adorable) Cat Fran

With the onset of covid, I found myself spending more time at home than usual with fewer opportunities to take photos.  So what did I end up doing?  Taking pictures of my cat of course!  I wrote a post about Fran when I first adopted her four years ago (click here to read it), but since then I haven't blogged much about her because in general pet photography isn't one of my specialties.  Just beware, this post is chock full of cat photos; you've been warned!  What follows are some of my favorite photos that I snapped of her over the last year or so.

Fran's not allowed on the porch, but boy she wishes she were.

Those eyes though, right?!

Normally I use my 50mm lens with her, but I shot this with my 135mm.

Fran and I reading as part of a photo for my school's social media campaign to encourage our students to read.

Perfect for those #tongueouttuesday Instagram posts.

She seems to smile when she yawns.

So tired!

She puts her heart and soul into her yawns!

Just relaxin'.

Another whole-hearted yawn!

Just hangin' on her favorite pouf.

Watching the wildlife fly by!

Longing to be an outdoor kitty.

Watching the world go by outside.

Cute cat in foreground, beautiful spring blooms in background.

This doesn't look comfy but she does it a lot.

It's tiring being so cute.

I could do a post on just her yawns.

See what I mean?

Beautiful girl, dontcha think?

That's her "Please feed me even though I just ate" face.

Exploring our new digs.

Getting to know her "uncle" Casey.

Fran and Casey are not exactly BFFs, but for Fran, it's an out of sight, out of mind kind of relationship.  And as you can see in this photo, he is out of sight (ok, yes, she may be a tiny bit oblivious to her surroundings!)

I love how she was lit in this photo.

A major stretch session on her favorite shag carpet.

You can't stage photos with Fran.  All must be done on her terms.  So I set up this shot on my tripod and waited for her to settle down on the windowsill before triggering this shot wirelessly with my phone.  It looks so effortless, but I waited close to an hour!  Domestic wildlife...

We've had a few windowsill photo shoots lately in our new digs.

Cue the puns about being reflective...

Her eyes match the foliage outside!

This looks like it was taken in fall, but it's just due to how I treated the white balance.

There she goes again with one of her famous yawns.

My little sun seeker.

It's nice to have a place to people...I mean!

Fran loves a comfy pouf.

One does not simply NOT photograph a feline yawn, even if thousands of previous ones have been photographed!

Another "selfie" with Fran!

I'm calling this one "Where's Waldo:  Kitty Edition."

There she goes again!

And yet again!

Staring up at her namesake, Frances Gumm, a.k.a. the late, great Ms. Judy Garland.

Sometimes ya just gotta streeeeeeeeetch!

Just hangin' around!

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All photos in this post © Samantha Decker and may not be reused without permission.

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