My Best of the Decade: Eastern U.S. Travel

This is my fourth installment in a series where I'm sharing my best photos of the decade.  Be sure to check out my first installment here, featuring photos I took in and around my hometown of Saratoga Springs, NY, my second installment here, featuring my best equine photos of the decade, and my third installment here, featuring best photos taken at Disney Parks and Resorts in the last decade.

Give My Regards to Broadway - Take 2:  November 6, 2010
I took this photo of a statue of George M. Cohan in Times Square back in 2010.

Nauset Light Beach:  November 24, 2012
I have a lot of Cape Cod beach photos, but this is one of my favorites.  I just love the colors in the sky.

The Glow of Late Afternoon:  March 3, 2013
I had a lot of fun that day visiting New York City with my photography friends.

Ferncliff Mausoleum:  October 6, 2013
Ferncliff Mausoleum in Westchester County is simply gorgeous.  It's a wonderful tribute to those who have left us.

Fall Morning in Bennington, VT:  October 13, 2013
I love this area of Bennington, right around the Old First Church and cemetery.  It's so picturesque.

In Memory:  November 2, 2013
Names of some of those lost at the 9/11 Memorial.

Lush Fall Foliage in Central Park:  November 2, 2013
Would you ever think this was taken in the middle of a huge city?

Central Park and the Lake:  November 2, 2013
It's true, November 2, 2013 was a good day for photos.

A Street Performer in Central Park (1):  November 2, 2013
I loved capturing the fall foliage behind this street performer.

Atlas in the Evening:  November 2, 2013
I enjoyed capturing this statue with my fisheye lens.

Mayo Beach at Sunset:  November 29, 2013
I just liked the colors in this one.

Low Tide on Lieutenant Island:  November 30, 2013
A sunset photo on Lieutenant Island on Cape Cod, where my family used to vacation.

The Moon and Halcyon Hall:  April 13, 2014
I had been wanting to visit Halcyon Hall, part of the former Bennett School for Girls, for a couple of years after seeing photos of it on Flickr.  Seeing it in person, it was as spooky as it looks.  It's such a shame that this once beautiful building is now falling apart.  I've seen lots of photos of the interior, but seeing as it's private property and clearly in a bad state, I didn't feel it appropriate or safe to go in and explore.  This photo was taken from behind a fence.

Sitting Room - Vanderbilt Mansion:  April 13, 2014
Touring the Vanderbilt Mansion was a highlight of my trip to Hyde Park.  To look at this room, you'd think Frederick Vanderbilt lived a luxurious life.  That he did, but our tour guide told us that Frederick had the most modest lifestyle of his siblings.

Old Sturbridge Village Tinsmith:  August 10, 2014
At Sturbridge, there are a number of presentations throughout the day where you can learn about daily life in the 1830s.

Goats Grazing at Hildene Farms:  October 11, 2014
This was an interesting sight.  The goats across the fence were yelling them as they enjoyed some fresh grass.

Milky Way Over First Encounter Beach:  December 26, 2014
I took this shot at First Encounter Beach on Cape Cod with my fisheye lens, but I defished it in Photoshop.  Even with the bright moon and the light pollution, you can still make out the Milky Way in the center of the image.

Zooming in on New York:  May 9, 2015
Coming back from Ellis and Liberty Islands, I took this photo of the many colorful buildings of the Manhattan skyline.

Fall Colors in Stockbridge:  October 27, 2015
Fall colors were in full swing when I took this photo in Stockbridge, MA.

Sand Dune or Low Tide?:  December 26, 2015
At first glance, the patterns of the sand at low tide seem to look like sand dunes when photographed up close.

Glorious Sunset:  December 26, 2016
Heavenly-looking rays of sun peek through the clouds at sunset on Mayo Beach in Wellfleet, MA.

Marble House Gothic Room:  October 7, 2017
The Gothic Room of Marble House in Newport, RI served to showcase Alva Vanderbilt's collection of gothic style decor.

Boston Common:  April 28, 2018
A beautiful day at Boston Common in late April.

Jackson Square at Night:  November 15, 2018
Looking down at Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans at night.

Baby Orangutan:  April 23, 2019
I was enamored with this sweet little baby orangutan at Zoo Tampa.  My Tamron 150-600mm lens let me get really close to him (or her).

Stay tuned for my next post, where I'll showcase my best Western U.S. travel photos!

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