The View from Up High: My Favorite Aerial Photos

You can always count on a more dynamic view when you get up high.  These days, a lot of photographers are using drones to capture aerial photography, but I prefer to enjoy the view along with my camera.  Here are my favorite ways to capture an aerial view and some of my favorite photos to go along with them.

Although pricey, a helicopter tour is without a doubt the best way to see your favorite places from above.  It's better than a plane because it can get lower and the doors come right off so you don't have to shoot through glass.  A few years back I chartered a helicopter to take me over Saratoga, and these are some of the photos I got.  Click here to view more of my helicopter photos.

This s a view of Fish Creek where it meets Saratoga Lake.

Looking down at Broadway.

America's oldest racetrack.

A Cessna is another cool way to get some aerial views of the places you love.  I took a ride last fall over Saratoga and Warren Counties.  Click here to view more of my Cessna photos.

Hot Air Balloon
A hot air balloon has the benefit of having no glass to shoot through, but you don't have as much control over where you're going, if that's something that matters to you.  I took the below shot from a hot air balloon ride over Saratoga, Warren, and Washington Counties recently.  Click here to view more photos from that trip.

Commercial Airplane
I've gotten some pretty decent shots from the window seat of an airplane.  You do have that terrible airplane window glass to contend with, but if you get a fairly clean window, you can usually make out ok.

I took this photo shortly before landing in Chicago.

I took this one flying over Minneapolis.

I captured this view of Mount St. Helens from an airplane taking off from Portland.

Tall Building or Monument
The observatory floor of a tall building is another great place to get unique views.

I took this photo of the State University of New York administration building from Albany's Corning Tower.

I also captured this photo of the Albany skyline from the Corning Tower.

I took this panoramic view of London from the top of Saint Paul's Cathedral.

I took this aerial image of Disney's Hollywood Studios from the Tower of Terror ride!  Right before you plummet multiple stories, you get this gorgeous vista.

This view of Santa Barbara comes from climbing to the top of the Santa Barbara Courthouse.  Click here to view more of my Santa Barbara photos.

This iconic view of San Francisco can be had from the Top of the Mark bar in the InterContinental Mark Hopkins.

This view of Seattle came after a long wait to go to the top of the Space Needle.  Click here to view more of my Seattle photos.

Another view from the Space Needle.

I took this panorama from the top of the Bennington Monument in Vermont last fall.  Click here to view more of my Bennington photos.

I recently captured this view of Provincetown, MA from the top of the Pilgrim Monument.  Click here to view more of my Provincetown photos.

I captured this vista of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.

Sometimes you just find a high up spot while you're still on the ground.

I took this photo of Los Angeles from Griffith Observatory.

This photo looking down on the Ahwahnee Hotel was taken from Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park.  Click here to view more of my Ahwahnee photos.

I took this photo of a hairpin turn from the Rowena Crest Overlook on the Oregon-Washington border.  Click here to view more of my photos from the Columbia River Gorge area.

A gondola is another interesting way to get up high.  I captured this view of Lake Louise from the Lake Louise gondola.  Click here to view more of my Lake Louise photos.

Ferris Wheel
A night time ride on a ferris wheel can yield some very colorful photos.

I took the above photo at the Washington County Fair.  Click here to view more of my photos from the fair.

The above photo is one of my most stolen photos, which I took at the New York State Fair in Syracuse in 2009.

I took this last photo from the ferris wheel at Clearwater Beach.  Click here to view more of my Clearwater area photos.

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