Horse Sense Part VIII: An Evening at Old Friends

This is my eighth in a series of posts featuring equine photography.  Be sure to read parts IIIIIIIV,  V, and VI, and VII as well.  In this post, I will share evening photos I took at Old Friends at Cabin Creek in Greenfield, NY.

Cool N Collective poses by his sign.

Doc N Roll and Strummer enjoy some hay.

Doc and Strummer from a further distance.

A multi-shot panorama of the great King Congie.

Frankie leaning in for a treat.

Frankie's barn buddy, Slew's Brew.

Patrick and Be Bullish graze in unison.

Red Down South poses for a photo while Zippy Chippy photobombs in the background.

Red in relentless pursuit of a treat.

Zippy and Red being hams for the camera.

Red sticks his tongue out for me.

Watchem Smokey's soulful gaze.

Will's Way, 1996 Travers Stakes winner, had just been celebrated that day at Old Friends!

Mr. Cowboy, foaled at Cabin Creek.

By the time I got to Cosmonaut, it was starting to get dark!

Commentator, Cabin Creek's winningest horse.

Now, Cabin Creek has some other creatures besides horses.  Sam the dog comes often to the farm, accompanied by her human, tour guide Dan Milliman.

There are three resident turkeys.  I photographed this one on the ground...

...and up a tree!

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