Up, Up, and Away!

Last fall I won a hot air balloon ride in a silent auction at a charity event for Nipper Knolls Equine Center, where I volunteer.  I finally had the chance to take that balloon ride this past weekend.  Here are some of the photos I captured!

The balloon being prepared for flight.

Blowing up the balloon.  It's the biggest hot air balloon east of the Mississippi!

Posing in front of the balloon!

A view of Glens Falls, NY.

Another balloon went up around the same time as us.  It was neat to see from up in the air!

Looking down at our shadow.

Looking out at Lake George.

Rural Warren County.

A cemetery in Fort Edward, NY.

Another view of the other balloon.

Looking up...and down.

Up over the clouds!

Flying over the Hudson River.

A wide shot of the balloon over Glens Falls.

Don't look down!

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