Horse Sense Part VII: Visiting Equine Advocates

This is my sixth in a series of posts featuring equine photography.  Be sure to read parts IIIIIIIV,  V, and VI as well.   In this post I will share photos I took recently at Equine Advocates in Chatham, NY.

Equine Advocates is a rescue and sanctuary that takes in horses, mules, donkeys, and even goats from all different backgrounds.  I first visited the sanctuary several years ago when my friend Terry organized a meet up there with our photography group.  Just last month I went there again with Terry, who has volunteered there and knows a lot about the horses and their backgrounds.

I captured this horse with my 150-600mm lens.  I have found with this lens that unless I really need that extra reach, I prefer to photograph horses with my 135mm f/2 lens, which give me such a nice shallow depth of field.

This is Bridgette, a pinto pony.

I caught her basking in the sunlight.

This is Jeffrey Mac, whom I caught stepping out of his shed.

Jeffrey Mac shares his paddock with Connor, seen here.

Jeffrey Mac and Connor grazing in their paddock.

Daffodil is a delightful miniature mare.

You probably didn't notice him in the last photo, but in this photo her paddock mate Mannie appears in this shot with her.

Daffodil grazing in her paddock.

Getting up close and personal with Daffodil.

Mini Pearl is another beautiful miniature.

This horse put on quite a show for us, rolling around in the grass and dirt!

Shake it off!

This is Charlotte the pygmy goat.  She's not an equine, but she still calls the sanctuary home.  I wanted to get a photo of her from further away, but like most creatures, as soon as I held up the camera, she came sauntering my way.

We met sweet Zoe in her stall.

I captured these two with my 50mm lens.

One of the horses' sheds.

A panorama of Mary Kate taken with my 135mm lens.

This mini donkey came right up to the fence to graze.

This is a mule I photographed with my 135mm lens.

I took a side lit portrait of this horse in his stall.

The grounds of Equine Advocates are just gorgeous!

Photos like this pose quite an exposure challenge.

I loved this shot of the donkey and horse grazing in sync.

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