Newfoundland and St. Pierre Trip Part II: All Around Trinity

This is my second in a series of posts where I'll share photos I took in Newfoundland and in the overseas French territory of St. Pierre and Miquelon.  Click here to see my post featuring photos I took in the St. John's area.  In this post I will share photos I took in the quaint town of Trinity, Newfoundland.

Upon arriving in the tiny town of Trinity, I took this photo.  Those colorful houses are actually for sale!

The deck of the Twine Loft, the main building of the charming Artisan Inn.

The common living area in the Cambell House, part of the Artisan Inn.

The beautiful patio area!

When in Newfoundland, one must have Iceberg Beer, made with 20,000 year old iceberg water.

A sunset view of Trinity.

A porch-dwelling Trinity resident.

Trinity is a beautiful place to walk around in the evening.

Another view from the same spot.

The iconic view looking down at Trinity through the lupines.

A walk around the town at dusk offered beautiful light for photos.

In this photo you can see St. Paul's Anglican Church.

My favorite photo I took in Trinity was this one, in the magical sunrise light.  Both the Church of the Most Holy Trinity and St. Paul's Church are visible in the shot.

At Fort Point, you can get this beautiful view of the ocean.

The Fort Point Lighthouse is visible just up the hill.

What a view!

A closer view of the Fort Point Lighthouse.

A look back at Trinity from Fort Point.

The Riding Tide Theatre in Trinity is home to the New Founde Lande Trinity Pageant.

I'm not really sure what the purpose of this hut is.

The Trinity Cooperage can be seen up the hill.

St. Paul's Anglican Church has a cemetery outside.

The inside of the church is beautiful.

Both the UK and Canadian flags can be seen up by the altar.

The other church in Trinity is aptly named, Church of the Most Holy Trinity.

It has a more modest interior, but still bright and welcoming.

A short hike up Gun Hill offers this view of Trinity.

The sky looked gorgeous over this charming Trinity home at dusk.

Another Trinity home can be seen through the trees.

The Hiscock House was once home to a widow named Emma Hiscock who, despite not being married, managed to support herself and her children through her entrepreneurial pursuits.

The informal kitchen/dining room.

The parlor.

And I'll leave you with this photo of a cute dog on a boat!

Stay tuned for my next post, featuring photos I took at the Random Passage Site in New Bonaventure, NL!

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