Tampa Area Trip Part V: Visiting Heritage Village

This is my fifth in a series of posts where I share photos I took in the Tampa, FL area.  Click here to read my post featuring photos I took at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Florida Botanical Gardens, and George C. McGough Nature Park, click here to view my post featuring photos I took of Gulf Coast sunsets, click here to view my post featuring photos I took at Zoo Tampa, and click here to view my post featuring photos I took at Big Cat Rescue.

Heritage Village is home to over 30 historic buildings that have been relocated from various parts of Pinellas County in Florida.

The first building we visited was the House of Seven Gables, not to be confused with its namesake in Salem, MA.

The kitchen inside the house.

A child's bedroom.

The dining room.

The dining room at the Plant-Sumner House had blue walls.

I used my fisheye lens for a lot of these shots to get in as much of the room as possible.

Another child's bedroom.

Inside the Safe Harbor Church.

The outside of the Harris School.

Outside the McCullen-Coachman Cabin.

The living room of the McCullen-Coachman Cabin.

The McCullen-Coachman Cabin from a different angle.

Inside the Union Academy School.

Inside the automotive repair shop.

The barbershop.

Some photos I took inside the general store.

Outside the train depot.

Inside the train depot.

A railway car.

The outside of the general store.

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