Québec City in Winter

This past weekend, I traveled to Québec City as a chaperone of a school trip.  While I was there, naturally, I took some photos.  This was my first time visiting Québec City in the winter, so I enjoyed seeing the city covered in a blanket of snow.

The first place we went was L'Érablière du Cap to ride dog sleds and learn about Maple syrup.  The students loved cuddling with the puppies, like this cute little guy above!

The dogs really want to run!

This one enjoyed prancing around while off duty.

Many of the huskies have two different colored eyes.

The view from my sled!

Delicious poutine for dinner!

Making maple taffy in the snow.

Here is where the maple taffy was made.

Parliament as seen from our hotel.

The beautiful Château Frontenac at sunrise.

We visited the ice hotel, a real hotel made of just snow and ice, where you can stay.

One of the common rooms inside the hotel.

Here's where you'll sleep if you stay at the hotel.

The carvings were pretty amazing.

At Valcartier, you can go snow tubing in the winter and enjoy a water park in the summer.  This is what the water slides look like in the winter.

A view looking down at Montmorency Falls from the suspension bridge up above.

The beautiful Château Frontenac.

A view across the St. Lawrence River at Lévis.

The Samuel de Champlain monument and the Musée du Fort.

Basilique Notre-Dame de Québec

Looking up the street at the Château Frontenac.

Yet another view of the Château Frontenac.

One of the charming streets of Québec.

Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens, where we enjoyed dinner.

Rue Saint-Louis at night.

Walking by Place d'Armes.

Walking into the walled city for breakfast.

You're bound to see a few horse drawn carriages while in Québec.

Another one of the beautiful streets of Vieux-Québec.

The Monument Samuel de Champlain outside the Château Frontenac.

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