My Best Photos of 2018

Well, 2018 is in the books, so it's time for my annual Best Of post, where I share my 25 best photos from the year.  You can view my best of 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014.  As always, 2018 presented me with a bevy of photographic opportunities, so it was hard to whittle it down to just 25.  Without further ado, here they are, in chronological order!

"Deep in the Cave," March 11, Howe Caverns, NY
This was my first visit to Howe Caverns in more than a decade, and this room seemed the eeriest with the red light and the spooky formations.  Click here to see more of my Howe Caverns photos.

"Ahote Being Playful," April 21 - Adirondack Wildlife Refuge, Wilmington, NY
This was my first trip to Adirondack Wildlife Refuge in several years, and my first time seeing the ambassador bear cubs.  I captured this photo with my telephoto lens.  Click here to view more of my Adirondack Wildlife Refuge photos.

"Kiska," April 21 - Adirondack Wildlife Refuge, Wilmington, NY
Kiska the wolf wasn't born yet the last time I went to the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge.  I enjoyed the opportunity to photograph her with my telephoto lens.

"Boston Common," April 28 - Boston, MA
When I went to visit my friend Tara in Boston in April, we walked the entire Freedom Trail!  This spot is where we started.  Click here to view more of my Boston photos.

"USS Constitution," April 28 - Boston, MA
The USS Constitution is at the end of the Freedom Trail, and what a beautiful day it was!

"Ginger," May 5 - Saratoga Springs, NY
I photographed my colleague and her dogs in May, and this shot of her dog Ginger was my favorite.  I love her expression!

"Frankie and David," July 19 - Gansevoort, NY
This summer I started volunteering at Nipper Knolls Equine Center in Gansevoort, NY.  I captured this photo of Frankie the horse and David, one of the owners.  Click here to view more of my summer and fall photos of Nipper Knolls.

"Sunset at Lac Beauvert," July 23 - Jasper National Park, AB
Even though this was my second trip through the Canadian Rockies, it was my first trip to Jasper, where I was able to capture this beautiful sunset.  Click here to view more of my Jasper Park photos.

"Lake Louise in the Evening," July 25 - Lake Louise, AB
There's nothing more beautiful than this lake at dusk!  I have so many photos of Lake Louise, and each one is special in its own way, but this one I like a lot because it has the boat house and the canoes in it.  Click here to view more of my photos of Lake Louise from this year.

"Canoes at Moraine Lake," July 26 - Banff National Park, AB
I was disappointed with the amount of people that showed up for sunrise at Moraine Lake the morning I took this photo.  When I went there in 2015 there were maybe a dozen other people there at the top of the rock pile where everybody goes to take photos.  After the sun came up, I headed down to the boat house where there were a lot fewer people and took this photo, my favorite.

"Canoeing on Lake Louise," July 26 - Lake Louise, AB
Canoeing on Lake Louise is really a surreal experience.  I claimed the front of the boat in order to get the canoe in the shot.  We canoed almost all the way to the other edge of the lake that day!

"A Little Lamb," July 27 - Banff National Park, AB
A staff member at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise told us Lake Minnewanka was a great place to find sheep, and sure enough, he was right!  Click here to view more of my Banff area photos from this year.

"Stormy Skies Over Lake George," August 26 - Lake George, NY
My friend Barb and I had plans to hike to photograph some waterfalls.  Well, we hiked all over creation but the falls were all dried up. We decided to head to the Sagamore for lunch, where I captured this photo.  Click here to view more of my photos of the Sagamore.

"Lake George in Fall," October 9 - Lake George, NY
Some friends took me out on their boat to capture Lake George on a fall evening.  I captured this photo with my telephoto lens.  Click here to view more of my photos from this evening.

"The Sagamore in Autumn, " October 9 - Bolton Landing, NY
The lighting was just perfect as the boat approached the Sagamore.  I took quite a few photos, but this one was my favorite, even though it's so small.

"Glen Lake From Above," October 26 - Queensbury, NY
This fall I won a Cessna ride over Saratoga and Warren Counties in a silent auction.  I loved seeing the fall colors from up above.  Click here to view more photos from this trip.

"Lake George From Above," October 26 - Lake George, NY
Another shot from the Cessna, this one featuring downtown Lake George.

"Cosmonaut at Old Friends," November 10 - Greenfield, NY
Cosmonaut is a retired thoroughbred at Old Friends at Cabin Creek in Greenfield, NY.  My friend Barb and I took a tour of their facility in November and got to meet all the horses.  Click here to view more of my Old Friends photos.

"Jackson Square at Night," November 15 - New Orleans, LA
In November my colleague and I headed down to New Orleans for a teachers conference.  While we were there, we saw some sights and I took many a photo.  This one of St. Louis Cathedral and the carriages lined up at Jackson Square is my favorite.  Click here to view more of my photos from New Orleans.

"Buddy Ruff Plays the Trumpet," November 17 - New Orleans, LA
I asked Buddy if he would pose for a photo playing his trumpet and he did just that for me.

"Still the Rocks," November 24 - Eastham, MA
I headed down to Nauset Light Beach without my tripod, so I ended up propping my camera on a rock to get this long exposure of water coming in over the rocks.  Click here to see more of my photos from my Thanksgiving visit to Cape Cod.

"Frankie Laine," December 1 - Gansevoort, NY
I captured Frankie, one of the horses at Nipper Knolls, running around the outdoor arena.  Click here to view more of my winter photos of Nipper Knolls.

"Quincy," December 1 - Gansevoort, NY
Quincy is another one of the horses at Nipper Knolls.  I made this portrait of him monochrome because it just looked so much more dramatic.

"Franny Atop the Tree," December 23 - Saratoga Springs, NY
Fran always gets into mischief whenever the tree goes up, and this year was no different.  In addition to climbing all the way to the top of the tree, she even attempted to remove the topper!  Click here to see more of my Christmas photos (including more of Fran in the tree!)

"Wellfleet at Dusk," December 27 - Wellfleet, MA
I photographed a beautiful sunset at Mayo Beach, but my favorite photo of the evening was this one I took looking away from the sun toward the pier.  Click here to view more photos of my Christmas trip to Cape Cod.

Well, that's it.  Those are my favorite photos of 2018.  Which one did you like best?  Did you have a favorite photo that you took in 2018?

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