Exploring Howe Caverns

Last weekend, my friend Barb and I went to Howe Caverns in upstate New York.  Howe Caverns is the second most visited natural attraction in New York State.

Before entering the caves, we are greeted by Lester Howe, who discovered the caves.  He...or rather, his likeness...told us about some of the features of the caves.

At the bottom of the cave, there runs a stream, which can sometimes rise up past the walkways and flood.

This formation is known as the Chinese Pagoda.

The rocks are reflected in the water.

Deep in the Cave

This photo is one of my favorites.

The Pipe Organ

Above a below, you see what's known as the Pipe Organ.

The Bronze Room

This room is known as the Bronze Room, because apparently Lester Howe said about it "It's so beautiful, it must be made of bronze!"

This part of the tour is called the Winding Way and it's very narrow.

The tour is lined with brick walkways.

Multi-colored lights highlight the geologic features.

A close up of the rock formations.


These formations look to me like ghouls!

Low light, contrasty scenes, and a tripod ban all make Howe Caverns very difficult to photograph.  Make sure to bring a fast lens!

This heart stone is part of the bridal altar, where more than 650 weddings have taken place!

Well, our tour of Howe Caverns comes to an end.  Have you ever been to Howe Caverns?  How did you like it?


  1. Haven’t been there in over a decade...nice photos!


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