Thursday, January 4, 2018

Best of 2017

2017 has officially come to a close, so I can now share my top 25 photos of 2017.  This year I had the trip of a lifetime when I traveled around the American Southwest, I got a nice taste of New England while visiting Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Cape Cod, I captured some sights in the Adirondacks, and I also captured a few photos in my own hometown of Saratoga Springs.  As always, it's a difficult task to narrow it down to just 25, but here they are!

Snow Take 2

Snow Take 2, January 1 - Saratoga Springs, NY
This was the first photo I took in 2017.  Shortly after midnight it started snowing, so I set up my tripod to get this shot.

The Fog in the Trees

The Fog in the Trees, January 12 - Saratoga Springs, NY
It looks like an autumn scene, but I captured this on a foggy winter afternoon.

Sunrise at North Window

Sunrise at North Window, April 15 - Arches National Park, UT
I enjoyed photographing Arches National Park at sun up - what an incredible experience!  Click here to view more of my photos from Arches.

Double Arch

Double Arch, April 15 - Arches National Park, UT
Another formidable arch, or in this case, two!

Cliff Palace from Across the Canyon

Cliff Palace from Across the Canyon, April 16 - Mesa Verde National Park, CO
Cliff Palace is the most famous of the ancestral Pueblo cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.  I didn't actually get to tour this one, but I was able to photograph it from an overlook.  Click here to view more of my photos from Mesa Verde.

Milky Way Over Monument Valley

Milky Way Over Monument Valley, April 17 - Monument Valley, AZ
This was one of my most exciting shots of the year for me.  The View Hotel in Monument Valley allows for incredible vistas like this that you can photograph from the comfort of your balcony.  Click here to view more of my photos from Monument Valley.

Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun, April 17 - Monument Valley, AZ
The only photo that might edge out the previous photo is this one.  Watching the sun rise over Monument Valley was simply stunning.

Grand Canyon Tree at Sunrise

Grand Canyon Tree at Sunrise - April 18, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
It was so calm right here as I stood waiting for the sun to come up over the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  I was surprised there weren't more people.  Click here to view more of my photos from the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Long Exposure

Grand Canyon Long Exposure - April 18, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
The Grand Canyon looks the most beautiful in the late afternoon.

Court of the Patriarchs in Late Afternoon

Court of the Patriarchs in Late Afternoon, April 20 - Zion National Park, UT
 This was such a beautiful place to watch the sunset!  Click here to view more of my photos from Zion.

Burst of Sun at Zion

Burst of Sun at Zion, April 20 - Zion National Park, UT
This photo was taken right after the previous one, and it's one of my favorite photos I took at Zion.

Starry Night Over Bryce Canyon

Starry Night Over Bryce Canyon, April 21 - Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
Bryce Canyon is known for its dark night sky, and when you stay at the Lodge, it's just a short walk out to this glorious vista.  Click here to view more of my photos from Bryce Canyon.

Sunrise Over Thors Hammer

Sunrise Over Thors Hammer, April 22 - Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
A highlight of visiting Bryce Canyon was witnessing the sunrise over Thors Hammer from the Navajo Loop Trail.  What a view!

Air Force Plane

Air Force Plane, June 10 - Saratoga Springs, NY
This plane flew overhead several times at the Saratoga Flag Day Parade.  It was hard to get a good shot because it went so fast!  Click here to view more of my photos from the parade.

Playful Franny

Playful Franny, June 25
I took many photos of Franny this year, but this one is my favorite.

Looking Down from the Ferris Wheel

Looking Down from the Ferris Wheel, August 26 - Greenwich, NY
I love taking photos from ferris wheels.  This was at the Washington County Fair.  Click here to view more of my photos from the fair.

Silky Smooth Water

Silky Smooth Water, August 27 - Bolton, NY
I captured this photo at Shelving Rock Falls, a place that had been on my list for several years.

Marble House Gothic Room

Marble House Gothic Room, October 7 - Newport, RI
Marble House was my favorite mansion to photograph in Newport, and the Gothic room especially intrigued me because it was so unique.  Click here to view more of my photos of the Newport mansions.

Marble House Ballroom

Marble House Ballroom, October 7 - Newport, RI
The ballroom of Marble House definitely had the feel of being in Versailles.

Mystic Pizza

Mystic Pizza, October 7 - Mystic, CT
I wasn't expecting this shot to be anything special, but when I got home and looked at it on my computer I realized I really liked it.  Click here to view more of my photos from Mystic.

Mystic River at Night II

Mystic River at Night II, October 8 - Mystic, CT
I love capturing reflections in the water.  The Mystic River is a great place to capture these types of reflections

Stewarts Ledge in Fall

Stewart's Ledge in Fall, November 11 - Washington, NY
A very cold hike to Stewart's Ledge on Veteran's Day yielded this late afternoon photo.

Coast Guard Station in the Fog

Coast Guard Station in the Fog, November 25 - Eastham, MA
Taken from Fort Hill in Eastham, MA, I loved how the Coast Guard Station looked from a distance in the pre-dawn light with the fog.  Click here to view more of my photos from Cape Cod.

The Frozen Tide

The Frozen Tide, December 27 - Orleans, MA
Taking this photo at Rock Harbor, I was definitely very cold.  So was the ocean, as you can see from this photo.

Festive Nauset Light

Festive Nauset Light, December 27 - Eastham, MA
I have photographed Nauset Light before, but never this close.


  1. Each one is a winner! As good as they are, they show increasing skill in composition, planning, and processing from even previous year. Keep up the great work and keep posting!


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