American Southwest Trip Part V: Zion Magnificent

This is my fourth post in a series about the American Southwest.  In this post, I will share photos I took in Zion National Park.  Be sure to read my previous posts in the series, about Grand CanyonArches National ParkMesa Verde National Park and Monument Valley.

One of the first things we did in Zion was the Canyon Overlook Trail.  Do you see that bridge with railings?  That was a bit of a rarity on this hike.  There were a lot of steep drop offs with no railing to cling to.  But that view at the end...

Canyon Overlook

This view of Zion Canyon was even more breathtaking in person.

I don't normally don't post hotel room photos in my blog posts because they don't usually rank as the most stunning of shots, but I just love this cabin at the Zion Lodge.  How adorable is this?

The Virgin River at Zion

This view of the Virgin River and the Watchman is a classic.

Zion Cabins at Night

It's fun to take photos around the Zion Lodge at night.  Above, one of the cabins; below, the Watchman building.

Zion Lodge at Night

Zion Meadow

I love the big tree in the meadow.

The main building of the lodge.

I also photographed the cabins by morning light.  Yes, I'm a little obsessed with cabins.

A morning quest for photos led to the shot above, as well as the one below.

I captured the above photo on the Weeping Rock Trail.

Zion Riverside Walk

The Riverside Walk at Zion National Park is an easy paved walk that leads to the famed Narrows.

Zion Goldfinch

I spotted this goldfinch on one of the trails.

Artist in Residence

The artist in residence at Zion National Park stays in this cabin.

Zion Colors

I love the trees.  They complement the canyon so nicely.

Court of the Patriarchs in Late Afternoon

Court of the Patriarchs was my favorite part of Zion.  I took the above photo just before the sun disappeared behind the canyon, and the below photo just after.  What a difference a few minutes makes!

Burst of Sun at Zion

Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road?

I knew there was a reason I brought my telephoto lens.  It didn't disappoint when I spotted this turkey wandering around the grounds of the Zion Lodge.

Stay tuned for my next and final installment, where I'll share photos I took at Bryce Canyon National Park!


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