American Southwest Trip Part IV: The Majesty of the Grand Canyon

This is my third post in a series about the American Southwest.  In this post, I will share photos I took in Grand Canyon National Park.  Be sure to read my previous posts in the series, about Arches National ParkMesa Verde National Park and Monument Valley.
Inside Desert View Watchtower

The first place I photographed in Grand Canyon was the Desert View Watchtower.  Above is a panorama I took inside the tower.  The Desert View Watchtower was designed by Mary Jane Colter to look like an ancient Puebloan watchtower.

Framed Grand Canyon

Outside the tower, I tool this shot of the canyon framed by trees.

Hopi House

Hopi House, a shop with native artwork for sale, is located on the south rim.

Above and below, the El Tovar Hotel.

It was a cloudy night when I took this photo of the canyon.

Looking down into the canyon at sunset, it looks other worldly.

I popped a neutral density filter on my lens for this long exposure of the clouds floating by.

El Tovar and the Grand Canyon

Tilting the lens a little bit to the right, we see the El Tovar Hotel.

The Overlook Studio is basically a cool looking gift shop with, what else, an overlook.

Bright Angel Trailhead

The Bright Angel Trailhead marks the spot where you can bravely hike down into the Grand Canyon, by foot or by mule.  I only went a short distance, just to see what the trail was like.

Kolb Photography Studio

Who wouldn't love to have a photography studio overlooking the Grand Canyon?  The Kolb Brothers had just that in the early twentieth century.

South Rim Sunset

This photo of the South Rim at sunset sticks out as a favorite from my trip.  It was even more beautiful in person.

Long Exposure Grand Canyon Sunset

A long exposure makes the clouds turn into brush strokes in this sunset photo..

I witnessed a beautiful sunrise one morning.  It was so calming to take in the view as the sun came up.

El Tovar and the Tree

I was quite fond of this tree.  In the background you can see El Tovar.

I became a little obsessed with photographing the cabins along the south rim while I was there.  Each one is a little bit different and unique.

Grand Canyon Cabin

Bright Angel Mule

This is one of the mules that takes adventurous travelers down into the Grand Canyon on the Bright Angel Trail.

Grand Canyon Railroad

The Grand Canyon Railroad harkens back to the days of Fred Harvey and the Harvey Houses of the Southwest.

Above and below, the Bright Angel Lodge.

Near the Grand Canyon is the Glen Canyon Dam.  Not as impressive as the hoover dam, but still worth a visit.

Lake Powell

Another worthwhile nearby site is Lake Powell, a manmade lake that's a beautiful shade of deep blue.

Stay tuned for my next installment in this series - Zion National Park!


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