From the Archives: Central New York

From the Archives is a series where I share photos of a particular location that I took in years past (as in, before I started this blog in July 2013).  In today's post, I will share photos I took in Central New York.  Click here to read previous installments.

Most of my Central New York photos were taken in Oswego, where I went to college.

Fort Ontario in Oswego looking beautiful at sunset (2009)

Incredible light at Chimney Bluffs State park in Wolcott (2009)

Sunset on Lake Ontario at Breitbeck Park in Oswego (2009)

Where the water never ends (2009)

Beautiful Lake Ontario in Oswego (2009)

New York State Fair in Syracuse (2009)

Lake Ontario at dusk in Oswego (2009)

Oswego Lighthouse at dusk (2009)

Chittenango Falls near Syracuse, 2012

Office inside Fort Ontario in Oswego (2012)

Rolling clouds at Fort Ontario in Oswego (2012)

Oswego Power Plant (2012)

The three photos below were taken just a little over a year ago, but since they never made it to the blog, I decided to include them here.

Destiny USA

Destiny USA in Syracuse (2015)

Water Tower a Night

Water tower and apartment building in Syracuse (2015)

A pretty neighborhood in Syracuse (2015)


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