Pacific Northwest Trip Part III: Northern Oregon Coast

The photographic highlight of my recent Pacific Northwest Trip was visiting the Northern Oregon Coast.  If you haven't already, please check out my posts on the Columbia River Gorge and the Timberline Lodge.

Evening Light at the Stephanie Inn

I was fortunate enough to stay at the beautiful Stephanie Inn in Cannon Beach.  The beautiful grounds and top-notch view of the ocean make it a favorite among visitors to the area.

I just love all the bunnies that run around on the lawn!

Some of the photos I took from the balcony include horses and their handlers walking on the beach (above) and stormy afternoon skies (below).

Sunset on Cannon Beach

Nothing beats sunset with a view of famous Haystack Rock.

I took the above photo on the way to Haystack Rock at sunset.

I do love this photo above, but I have to say the view is great from anywhere on the beach.  There's no "right spot!"

The Stephanie Inn under the stars.

The Stephanie Inn provides lanterns to guests to head out to the beach with at night.

You can just barely spot the Milky Way in the top right quadrant of this photo.  Unfortunately, the moon was shining too brightly to really allow the Milky Way to take center stage.

Looking up at the Stephanie Inn from the beach.

Milky Way Over the Stephanie Inn

Another shot of the hotel, with the Milky Way visible again.

Ecola State Park is probably one of the more famous area attractions.  This view of Cannon Beach from the park can be seen in the movie "The Goonies."

Terrible Tilly

From the park you can see Terrible Tilly aka Tillamook Rock Light, a former lighthouse.

Some crazy clouds made for an interesting photo looking out at the ocean.

Getting closer to Haystack Rock, you can see that it has a cave.

I find the other rocks on the beach to be interesting subjects as well.

The BirdsHaystack Rock is a bird sanctuary, so you will sometimes see this Hitchcockian sight if you look up at the top.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach on an overcast day.

Walk in the WoodsOswald West State Park is quintessentially Pacific Northwest.  You take a nice little hike through the forest with the mossy trees...Oswald West State Park

...before ending at the ocean!

I set up my tripod with a neutral density filter and let the clouds and the water flow.

Ecola State Park from Cannon Beach

Back at Cannon Beach, I took the above photo looking towards Ecola State Park with my telephoto lens.

One final photo of Haystack Rock!

In my next post, I'll share photos I took at the historic areas near the Oregon Coast.


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