Christmas on Cape Cod

I had an opportunity to take some more photos of Outer Cape Cod while visiting family for Christmas.  I visited some new beaches and some old ones, and witnessed a beautiful sunset.  Read on for more photos!

Another Christmas Tree

Nothing more festive than a Christmas tree!

A Wreath at the Beach

A wreath on the back of a bench at Rock Harbor in Orleans.

The late afternoon sun at Rock Harbor.

The striations in the sand looked almost Death Valley like.

Flock of Seagulls

I brought my telephoto lens just for fun.  This flock of seagulls was probably a quarter mile away, at least!

The sun was starting to set as we approached First Encounter Beach in Eastham.

Once again, the telephoto lens makes for unique perspectives.

Eerie Light at Thumpertown Beach

A vibrant blue light started to take up parts of the sky.

Glorious Cape Cod Sunset

A glorious sunset was underway as we arrived at Thumpertown Beach in Eastham.  Wowza!

Another compressed telephoto perspective.

A boat off in the distance distorted by heat waves.

Up close and personal with the tide!

The houses looked clumped together when photographed from a distance.

Coast Guard Station in Eastham, MA

Last Christmas, Coast Guard Beach was covered with a fresh coat of snow.  This year, it was a different scene.

Finally, there's the Atlantic Ocean!  Not the best place to capture a sunset (unless you're seeing it from Europe, of course), but a great place to go afterwards!

The Penniman House at Fort Hill has recently received a fresh coat of paint.

A view from Fort Hill on a cloudy morning.

All photos in this post are © Samantha Decker and may not be used without permission.


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