The Many Faces of Lake Louise (Rocky Mountain Trip Part 3)

This is my third post containing photos from my trip through parts of North America's Rocky Mountains.  You can read my previous posts with photos of Glacier National Park and the Cowboy Trail.

While I was going through my photos from this trip, I noticed that I had an overwhelming number of photos of Lake Louise.  Not surprisingly, since I stayed at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, so the lake was quite literally right out my window.  I decided this lake deserved a post all its own.

This one lake can have many different looks depending on the weather and time of day the photo is taken.  In the above photo, taken from my hotel room, the overcast skies make for an eerie scene.

I went for a monochrome processing technique on this photo to differentiate it from the others.  It almost looks like a winter scene to me.

The lake looks most beautiful at dusk, when the light has that beautiful pink tint to it and the lake is a gorgeous shade of blue.

But, then again, during the day, it has a nice green tint that I must say I like as well!

Lake Louise at Night

Photographing the lake at night is fun, because the lights from the hotel illuminate the foreground.  In the above shot, I used a fisheye lens to try to take in as much of the scene as possible.  I ended up capturing the milky way in the top left corner.

Lake Louise at Night in Monochrome

To try to take the same scene and do something different, I used a 16-35mm lens on the above shot (at 16mm), and used a monochrome processing treatment to create a completely different look than the fisheye shot.

Tilting the scene more to the left, I had to get a shot that better showcased the milky way.

Every time a cloud would move in front of the mountain or the light would change a little bit, I felt compelled to take another photo.

Of course, the above photo of the window was just begging to be taken.

Using my telephoto lens, I captured some photos of canoes on the lake.

The Boathouse on Lake Louise

Walking around the lake, one sees many of those signature red canoes!

You start to wonder, shouldn't I be in one of those canoes?

The Boat Dock on Lake Louise

Yes, you should!  Or I should...or, whatever.  It wouldn't be a trip to Lake Louise without renting a canoe.

Away we go!

I'm so glad it didn't tip over!

Canoeing on the lake offers a fresh set of perspectives.

Looking back gives a great view of the Fairmont.

Back on dry land, folks can enjoy telephoto views of the lake through one of these thingamajigs. 
Naturally, I had to have one of these signature mini canoes to commemorate my canoe experience. 
Before leaving Lake Louise, I had to take one long exposure photo with my neutral density filter.  Oh, Lake Louise, how I will miss you!

I'm not big on selfies, but when you're standing in front of the most beautiful lake in the world, even I couldn't resist.

Lake Louise So Small

If you want a really unique view of the lake, you'll have to take the Lake Louise gondola.  From there, you can see the lake from a distance, which looks like a mere puddle until you zoom in on it.

To think that I actually left a few photos out!  What can I say, Lake Louise simply beckons to be photographed.  In my next post, I'll share photos of the Fairmont, as well as the sites around the town of Lake Louise.

If you're thinking you might want to decorate your wall with some of these photos, you're in luck!  Many of these photos are available to be purchased as prints over on my website.


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