25 Fantastic DIY Photography Tutorials

Untitled by Richard Melanson is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

I love trying new things, especially when they cost me next to nothing. One of the best ways to expand your photographic horizons is to try a DIY project or effect. Here are some of my favorite tutorials, broken down into four categories.

Optics & Cameras
1. Freelensing (Beyond Megapixels)
2. DIY Tilt-Shift Lens (Creative Pro)
3. Reverse-Mount Macro Photography (Digital Photography School)
4. DIY Pinhole Camera (Lomography)
5. DIY DSLR Pinhole Lens (WikiHow)
6. DIY Fisheye Lens (JPG)
7. DIY 3D Printable SLR (!) (Instructables)

8. DIY Homemade Flash Mini-Bouncer (DIYPhotography.net)
9. DIY Flash Diffuse from a Barf Bag (Digital Photography School)
10. Introduction to LED Lighting (DIYPhotography.net)
11. Steel Wool Photography (Photojojo)
12. DIY Studio Umbrella (Allen Mowery Photography)
13. DIY Light Painting Orb (Photo Extremist)
14. DIY Ringflash (Phototuts)

Special Effects
15. DIY Vaseline Filter (Photgraphy Tutorials Online)
16. Create Your Own Bokeh (DIYPhotography.net)
17. Zoom Trails (Fodors)
18. Camera Toss (BoingBoing Gadgets)
19. Sun Flare for Beginners (Pioneer Woman)

20. Fisheye Effect (Just About Photography)
21. Dark Lomo Effect (Spoon Graphics)
22. Infrared Look (Popular Photography)
23. Cross Processing (Layers Magazine)
24. Realistic 32-bit HDR (Digital Photography School)
25. Lensbaby Effect (The Expat)


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