Cape Cod Spring Getaway 2021

This past weekend, I took my first out of state trip since covid started, out to visit family on Cape Cod.  It was an amazing trip, and although most of it was spent simply hanging out with family I hadn't seen in well over a year, I also got out and got to take some photos!  Here's a look at some of my favorite photos from the weekend.

My grandmother enjoying a magazine in the afternoon sun.

Standard poodles Chowder, Rosie, and Otis anxiously await treats.

The three poodles trying to leave the house at the same time is an interesting sight!

They won't relent!  Must have more treats!

Chowder heading towards me thinking I might have a treat.

Poodle paws!  ❤️ 

Just seeing how cute they can look!

Otis and Rosie in the foreground still hoping for more treats as Chowder gives it a rest in the background.

More poodle paws!

Otis looking pensive.

Sweet Chowder!

The weekend was spent belatedly celebrating Mother's Day and my birthday.

West Point in East Orleans is a beautiful quiet spot to enjoy the sea.  Look at that adorable little cottage by the shore!

More beautiful oceanfront property that can be seen at Weeset Point.

A self portrait triggered with my phone, looking pensive leaning against a large rock.

A man in a lobster boat waves as he goes by.

My mom poses for a portrait at the top of the staircase.

A beautiful newly built home at West Point!  Wow!

Orleans has no shortage of charming Cape Cod homes.  Not really surprising, considering we are in fact on Cape Cod!

There are a number of historic homes in Orleans, such as the Freeman Johnson Howard House, dating back to the 18th century.

In Wellfleet, I spotted this flock of birds resting in the ocean.

A view looking down at Marconi Beach.  Click here to order a print of this photo.

Here is another photo I took at Marconi Beach.  Click here to order a print of this photo.

Possibly the highlight of my weekend, besides seeing family of course, was happening upon this fox on Long Pond Road in Wellfleet.  He stopped and posed for me and I got a lot of great shots.  Click here to order a print of this order.

About two years ago when I was on the Cape, I saw a fox but I didn't have my camera with me and I was so mad at myself for not bringing it.  Ever since then then, there's been this running joke in my family that no one is allowed to talk about foxes in front of me because it reminds me of that incident.  Well, now the joke is over!  Click here to order a print of this photo.

Hmmm, I wouldn't lick that.  Click here to order a print of this photo.

That face!  Click here to order a print of this photo.

This one may be my favorite.  Click here to order a print of this photo.

Just one more!  Click here to order a print of this photo.

I captured this photo from the car while my family was heading through Eastham.

One more shot of sweet Rosie hoping for a treat!

A trip to the Cape would not be complete without steamed clams!

These "Sweet Sloops" were purchased for enjoying while celebrating my birthday.

Not one for cake, my family instead enjoyed Wicked Good Cupcakes in celebration of my birthday.

On the way back to Saratoga, I captured this photo of the Albany skyline.  Click here to order a print o this photo.  Click here to order a print of this photo.

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All photos in this post © Samantha Decker and may not be reused without permission.

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  1. Sweet getaway Mlle Decker!

  2. Awesome photos! I'm still jealous I'm not back in 7th grade French darn do I miss that class. hope you're doing swell!


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