Hometown Pride Series: Christmas 2020 in Saratoga

Merry Christmas!  All season I have been snapping photos, as always, of Christmas decorations in my hometown of Saratoga.  Here are some of my favorites.

Fran is always intrigued by the Christmas tree.

Here's a throwback:  my grandmother and her triplet sisters when they were very little.

Fran takes a snooze in front of the tree.

Fran has a few ornaments that she insist be her personal toys.  Here she is removing one of them from the tree.

Watching "Meet Me in St. Louis" is an annual tradition!

I captured these beautiful decorations outside Carem Stables in Greenfield.

The Christmas tree makes a nice backdrop to this portrait of Fran.

Christmas trees for sale outside St. Clement's School.

Outside St. Clement's Church is a life-size nativity scene.

A selfie I took in my living room window.

Fran again!

This Christmas ornament can be seen on one of two Christmas trees inside the Great Hall, a former chapel, at The Grove at Saratoga.

Also in the Great Hall, wreaths hang under the sconces.

A wide view of the Great Hall.

A night time view of the Great Hall.  Do you see the snow on the windows?

Poinsettias are set around the Great Hall.

Another angle on this beautiful piece of architecture.

As a special treat for kids and kids at heart, Santa came around Saratoga on a fire ladder!

His cavalcade included this festively adorned fire truck.

Here, a family marvels at the sight.

Fran waiting anxiously for Santa Paws.  I posted a similar photo of Fran in my living room in my previous post.

Fran trying to catch a sneak peek at her gifts.

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All photos in this post © Samantha Decker and may not be reused without permission.

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