Saratoga Area Through the Seasons, Part II: Saratoga Spa State Park and the Rest of Saratoga

his is the second post in a new series-within-a-series that I'm doing as part of my Hometown Pride series:  Saratoga Area Through the seasons.  Over the years I have taken tens of thousands of photos in and around my hometown of Saratoga Springs, NY.  Over time I came to realize I have photos of various landmarks in multiple seasons, sometimes all four.  Click here to read my last post, where I shared ome photos I have taken through the seasons in downtown Saratoga. In this post I will share some photos I have taken through the seasons in the rest of Saratoga.

Let's start at Saratoga Spa State Park.  I took the above photo of the halls in fall when I was testing out by fisheye lens for the first time.  You can see the fall foliage through the columns.

This photo was taken on a pleasant summer morning.

Here is the same spot on a winter evening.

And now, on a spring afternoon.  This spot is perfect for a wide angle lens or fisheye.

Out by the reflecting pool, I captured this beautiful view on a summer morning.

One late spring day in 2009, I captured these ominous skies.

I took this long exposure on a fall afternoon.

A cool winter sunset brought this photo.

This tree looked beautiful in fall.

The same spot looked magical on a winter sunset.

The geyser at the State Park as captured in summer.

Here's the same geyser in winter.

The geyser on a beautiful fall day.

I seem to have captured this bench quite a few times.  Here it is in fall.

Here it is in early winter with fall colors still visible.

Here's the bench in spring.

The Gideon Putnam Hotel in the park is photographed here in winter.

And here it is again in fall.

Here's a peek down Avenue of the Pines in winter.

The same street on a summer morning.

Heading outside the park, here's a photo I took at Saratoga National Golf Club on a summer night.

I remembered I had taken a photo from the same spot many years earlier in fall.

This is a photo of Fish Creek in Winter.

This is what the same spot looks like in fall.

I took this photo at Waterfront Park, where Fish Creek meets Saratoga Lake, this past summer.

I took this photo of the same spot on a fall morning.

I took this photo from the upper part of the park in summer.

I took this one looking down at the same area in fall.

I took this photo of Fish Creek Marina on a cool winter evening.

I took a photo of this same spot in fall.

Here is the marina pictured in summer.

This is Haupt Pond at Skidmore College after a fresh winter snowfall.

Here is that same spot in autumn.

Just outside the entrance to the college on North Broadway, I captured this photo in fall.

I took a photo of this same spot in winter.

Here is a photo of the Saratoga Race Course from above, taken in fall.

Now here is a view (from the other side) that I took in summer.

Here is a photo of the Oklahoma Training Track and Whitney Viewing Stand captured in winter.

Here is the viewing stand on a summer morning.

I took this photo of a horse and exercise rider at the Oklahoma Track in fall.  This photo is currently on display at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in Saratoga as part of their "Photo Finish" exhibition.

Here is another photo I took of horses and exercise riders in summer.

Stay tuned for my next post in this series, featuring photos through the seasons in the Saratoga surrounding areas.

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All photos in this post © Samantha Decker and may not be reused without permission.

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  1. Beautiful...I especially liked the Hall of Springs winter evening photo!


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