Horse Sense Part X: My Summer 2020 Equine Photography

This is my tenth in a series of posts featuring equine photography.  Be sure to read parts IIIIIIIV,  V, and VIVII and VIII and IX as well.  In this post, I will share photos I took at Old Friends at Cabin Creek in Greenfield, NY and Nipper Knolls Equine Center in Granville, NY over the summer.

It was a beautiful sunny day when Old Friends at Cabin Creek reopened to the public after the Coronavirus shutdown.  I snapped this photo with my iPhone.  I spy Will's Way, the oldest living Travers Stakes winner!  Do you see him, on the right?

It's true, Doc N Roll and Strummer are not social distancing in this photo, but luckily equines don't have to adhere to the same safety guidelines as humans. 😂

King Congie always seems ready for a photo when I pass by his paddock.

He put on a little show for me!

Congie just chillin' by his fence.

I can never resist an opportunity to photograph Old Friends' avian residents!  It's not just horses that live here!

Like Now is the newest resident at the farm.  Here he is coming out of his shed.

Well, hello there, handsome!

Yes, another avian resident.  Living right in the city of Saratoga Springs, I just don't see these often, but I know folks who live just outside Saratoga who say they see them all the time.

BFFs Red Down South and Zippy Chippy.

A nice portrait of Red.

Yet another avian resident photobombing this photo of Be Bullish and Patrick.

Two-times a millionaire Commentator heading towards me.

A lighthearted moment with Tator; Cosmonaut in the background.

Over at Nipper Knolls, I grabbed this shot of all five of the "boys":  Max (front), Luke, Sonny, Frankie, and Quincy.

Max and Nipper Knolls owner and instructor Cathy Lamando all masked up...for different reasons, of course!  In Max's case, it's to deter the flies that plague horses in the summer months.

This is a horse post, but Chloe, Nipper Knolls' resident canine, is too cute to leave out!  Here she is posing in front of the barn.

I'm a sucker for tongue-out shots!

Here, Max grazes on some grass.

Cathy gives retired thoroughbred Sonny (Seattle Slew's grandson!) a pet.

Sonny with Luke in the background.

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All photos in this post © Samantha Decker and may not be reused without permission.

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