Snowy Saratoga Spa State Park

This is the third post post this winter featuring photos I took in my hometown of Saratoga Springs, NY.  Read my previous posts here and here.  In this post I will share some photos I took this past weekend at Saratoga Spa State Park.

A close up of the Lincoln Baths.

Trees with the Gideon Putnam in the background.

A view of the arcades.

A fresh coat of snow on the ground made everything pretty.

The Simon Baruch Research Laboratory.

Looking across the way to the Hall of Springs.

A view from behind the columns.

The Gideon Putnam behind the trees.

The Avenue of the Pines at dusk.

One of my favorite shots from the evening.

A snow covered tree.

More snow covered trees.

I love the short tree in front.

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