Christmas on Cape Cod: 2019 Edition

I recently went to Cape Cod to spend Christmas with family.  In this photo I'll share a few of my favorite photos from my trip.

The Christmas tree!

We enjoyed brunch at the lovely Chatham Bars Inn, where I took lots of photos.

The beautiful sitting area.

The impressive gingerbread house.

I loved the library.

The lobby, complete with a mailbox for Santa.

The private dining area with a view of the ocean.

Outside the inn.

A view across the street.

A boat out on the water.

A path to the ocean.

It was a cool but not frigid day.

Inside the inn, there is a gingerbread model of the hotel and town.

A visit to Chatham Light.

A view of the ocean from Chatham Light.

Chatham Bar with an interesting sky.

A photo I took at Nauset Beach in Orleans.

A calm, peaceful afternoon at Nauset Beach.

This seagull stood still for a very long time as passersby photographed it.

I captured this photo with my telephoto lens.

On the bay side, I took this photo at First Encounter Beach in Eastham.

Another telephoto view from First Encounter Beach.

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