Provincetown in Fall (Plus Cute Dog Portraits!)

I recently went to visit family on Cape Cod for a weekend and spent a day in Provincetown.  In this post, I'll share photos I took on that day, plus some bonus cute dog portraits I took!

A National Park Service building at Race Point Beach.

The Race Point Life Saving Station from a distance.

A closer view of the Life Saving Station.

I used my neutral density filter to capture a long exposure of the water during the day.

This semi-abstract exposure was several seconds long.

When in Provincetown, you must eat at Mac's!

Yummy sushi!

You can't go to Provincetown without visiting the Pilgrim Monument.

A beautiful view of Provincetown from the top of the Pilgrim Monument.

If this photo were more zoomed in, you'd be able to see Boston off in the distance.

Another view from the monument.

This is Provincetown Town Hall.

The Pilgrim Monument is best photographed from a distance.

I took this photo with my telephoto lens.

While I was on the Cape, I also got a chance to photograph some very cute dogs.  In the above photo, Chowder and Rosie wait patiently for a treat.

Otis would also like a treat!

Obviously not a dog, but I love this black and white photo I took of my grandma.

My grandma pets Otis.

Chowder and Otis, father and son.

Otis and his human shake paws.

Looking down at sweet Rosie.

Rosie smiles.

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