Ottawa Area Trip Part IV: Going to Gatineau

This is my fourth post in a series where I share photos I took in the Ottawa area.  Click here to view my photos of the Almanzo Wilder Farm,  click here to view my photos of Glengarry, Ontario, and click here to view my photos of Ottawa itself.  In this post I will share photos I took in the town of Gatineau, Québec, across the river from Ottawa.

A large sign on the side of the road welcomes you to the province of Québec after you cross the Ottawa River.

At the Mackenzie King Estate, former home of Canadian prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, quotes about nature are installed in French and English.

This building at the Mackenzie King Estate was a garage and servant's quarters.

This building is the Kingswood guest cottage.

This building is the Kingswood main cottage.

A bedroom inside Kingswood cottage.

A living room inside Kingswood cottage.

The kitchen.

Another bedroom.

This building is part of Moorside.

A bedroom/office at Moorside.

Besides the different buildings, another highlight of the Mackenzie King Estate is an area known as the Abbey Ruins, which are not actually ruins per se, but transported relics from old Canadian buildings.  It sure is unique to explore.

A lot of photographers come here to do photoshoots, and it's easy to see why, with the unique combination of nature and architecture.

Everyone loves the Arc de Triomphe, created from the front entrance to the Bank of British North America.

Also in Gatineau, you can find the Carbide Willson Ruins, what remains of a scientist's laboratory in the woods.

Water flows all around the site.

These shots may not appear like it, but the area is quite popular with tourists and there were many people there while I was there.

Stay tuned for my next installment, where I will share photos I took at the beautiful Fairmont le Château Montebello, the world's largest log cabin!

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