Autumn in the Adirondack Region

Last fall, I shared my favorite fall photos taken in Saratoga.  In this post, I will share my favorite fall photos taken in New York's Adirondack region.

I took this photo a number of years ago at Beecher Creek Falls in Edinburg, NY.

A view from the caboose of a train on the Saratoga and North Creek Railroad.

Another caboose view.

A view from Gore Mountain.

Lake George at peak foliage.

Walking around Lake George in fall.

A woman dressed in traditional German garb at Lake George's Oktoberfest.

Flying over Glens Falls in a Cessna Skyhawk.  Click here to see more of my photos from the Cessna.

A view of Glen Lake in Queensbury.

Flying Over Lake George.

Another aerial view of Glens Falls.

Lake George's Islands.

Last light over Glens Falls.

The Sagamore as seen from above.

The Horizon sailing on Lake George.  Click here to view more of my photos of Lake George in Fall.

Beautiful fall foliage alongside Lake George.

The Sagamore seen from a lower altitude.

I took this photo at Stewart's Ledge a couple falls ago.

This is the view of Lake George from Stewart's Ledge.

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