Newfoundland & St. Pierre Trip Part VI: Exploring L'Île au Marins

This is my sixth post in my series chronicling my travels through Newfoundland and the French Territory of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.  Click here to see my photos of St. John's, click here to see my photos of Trinity, click here to see my photos from Elliston and Bonavista, click here to see my photos of the Random Passage site, and click here to see my photos of Saint Pierre.  In this post I will share photos from L'Île aux Marins, part of the French Overseas Collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

My first glimpse of L'Île aux Marins, which means Sailors Island in French, was arriving on the ferry from Fortune, Newfoundland.

The ferry Le P'tit Gravier takes visitors to the island from the island of Saint Pierre.

The captain posed for this photo!

Arriving at the island, one sees colorful houses spread out by the shore.

La Maison Jézéquel is pretty much the only place to grab a bite to eat on the island.

This hut keeps travelers warm as they await the ferry back to Saint Pierre.

This house says "Fluctuat nec mergitur" on it, which means, "She is tossed by the waves but does not sink" in Latin.  It is the motto of the city of Paris.

The stone beds were historically used for drying cod.

No roads on the island mean walking and biking are the only means of transportation.

The Notre-Dame-des-Marins church can be seen in the distance in this panoramic photo.

Another view of the church.

I used my fisheye lens to capture the interior of the church.

On the island there is a cemetery by the sea.

A French flag reminds us that we are surely not in Canada anymore, despite our close proximity.

The Chemin des Croix honors those from Saint Pierre and Miquelon who gave their lives serving France in the military.

A 1950s kitchen is recreated in one of the buildings.

A lonely house can be seen from a distance.

That wraps up my series on Newfoundland and Saint Pierre and Miquelon!  My next post will begin my chronicles in the Ottawa area!

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