Newfoundland & Saint Pierre Trip Part V: Visiting Saint Pierre

This is my fifth post in my series chronicling my travels through Newfoundland and the French Territory of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.  Click here to see my photos of St. John's, click here to see my photos of Trinity, click here to see my photos from Elliston and Bonavista, and click here to see my photos of the Random Passage site.  In this post I will share photos from the island of Saint Pierre, part of the French Overseas Collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

A lot of people have never heard of Saint Pierre and Miquelon and are shocked to find out that there is actually a little piece of France off the coast of Newfoundland.  Not only is this group of islands part of France, but cars bear European Union license plates and the Euro is the accepted currency.

The easiest way to get to Saint Pierre if you're in Newfoundland is to take an hour and a half ferry from Fortune.  Before boarding the ferry in Fortune, you'll have to pass through the Canada-France Border Crossing, the only place in the world where you'll see this.

I took this photo from the ferry.

As you near Saint Pierre, you can see L'Île aux Marins in the distance.  I will share my photos from my visit to that island in my next post.

It's such a shame that we were not allowed on the deck and the glass I had to shoot through was absolutely filthy.  Luckily Lightroom's dehire tool does a great job.

The light was just gorgeous as we arrived. 

I snapped this photo of the Pointe aux Canons lighthouse after disembarking the ferry.

This is one of the two ferries you can take over.  It's quite large but it wasn't full either time.

The streets of Saint Pierre are decidedly European.  You might forget that geographically, you're still in North America!

Pétanque is a popular French pastime, similar to bocce ball.

Awaiting our wood-fired pizzas!

The French national holiday of Bastille Day was to occur the day after I left.  At least I got to see some of the decorations going up!

The Saint Pierre Cathedral is located downtown.

I used my fisheye lens to photograph the interior of the cathedral.

Square Joffre is where all the fun events happen!

A statue dedicated to sailors lost at sea.

The Pointe aux Canons lighthouse with L'Île aux Marins in the background.

The salt huts used to be used to store salt and salted fish but now hold fishing gear.

Another view of the lighthouse and the city from the water.

The Musée de l'Arche gives visitors a history of the archipelago.

One of the features of the museum is a guillotine!

The lovely Nuits Saint-Pierre is the bed and breakfast where we stayed.

One of the real highlights of the trip was a horseback ride by the ocean.  I captured these photos from the horse!

A view from the horse.

The horse I rode, Vénus.

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