Horse Sense Part V

This is my fifth in a series of posts featuring equine photography.  Be sure to read parts I, II, III, and IV as well.  In this post I'll share photos I took of the horses of Nipper Knolls Equine Center in Gansevoort, NY during their off season.

This is Sonny at his winter home.

Sonny in his stall having some hay.

And here's Luke in his stall!  Stall photos are fun.

And now Max.  This might be my favorite stall shot.

Here I am with Max!

Frankie in monochrome.

Luke coming over the hill.

Another shot of Luke.  I love the backlight!

Sonny and Luke munching on grass.

 I love this photo of the barn.

A couple months later it was time for the boys to come back to Gansevoort.  Here's Frankie eating some hay on his first day back.

Hi, Quincy!

Cathy with Frankie right after he arrived.

This one's my favorite.  Frankie, Luke, and Quincy came together for this heartwarming portrait.

Frankie loved rolling around in the dirt!

And he also loved shaking it off!

Walking away from the camera...

Frankie trotting.

Luke grazing.

Here's Max!

Quincy and Cathy.

Here I am with Quincy!

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