Horse Sense Part II

This is my second post featuring photos I have taken of horses.  Click here to read Horse Sense Part I.  In this post I will share photos I recently took at Old Friends at Cabin Creek in Greenfield, NY, a home for retired thoroughbreds.

This horse's name is Roaring Lion, or Leo for short.

Doc 'N Roll and Strummer.

King Congie looking majestic.

Doc N Roll again.

Watchem Smokey getting a treat.

King Congie peeks through the fence.

Watchem Smokey poses for the camera.

King Congie in monochrome.

Patrick and Be Bullish.

Zippy Chippy is a special horse, known for being sort of a lovable loser, having come in last in nearly every race he started in as a racehorse.

Zippy's best friend is Red Down South.

Watchem Smokey looking pensive.

Watchem Smokey and his pal Cool N Collective.

Me feeding Watchem Smokey.

Will's Way.

Mr. Cowboy.

Cosmonaut, or Cosmo for short.

Slew's Brew, who happens to be a relative of one of the horses at Nipper Knolls Equine Center in Gansevoort, NY, where I volunteer.

Stay tuned for my next post in this series, where I will share some photos from the archives!

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