Thanksgiving on Cape Cod: 2018 Edition

I am home from a relaxing trip to Cape Cod to spend Thanksgiving with family.  While I was there I took a few photos.  To see more photos I took of Cape Cod, click here.

There's always something interesting to photograph at Jules Besch Stationers in Truro.

I captured this shot of Duck Creek in Wellfleet.

I used my telephoto lens to capture the above and below photos.

Not having my tripod with me, I simply set it on the ground for this long exposure of Mayo Beach.

A houseboat sits on the harbor.

One of many boats parked on the Wellfleet Pier.

And then of course there were boats parked on the water.

The Masonic Hall seemed to still be awaiting Halloween.

The sky got really beautiful while we were at the Salt Pond Visitors Center.

Next it was over to Coast Guard beach for another shot with that gorgeous sky!

I have so many photos of Nauset Light Beach but the sky is different in each one.

Still without a tripod, I plopped my camera on a sign for this long exposure.

Down on the beach, I got quite a few more photos.

I loved capturing the reflections in the tide pool.

I love the striations in the sand.

Nothin' but beach!

It may not be sunset, but it was just as beautiful!

I propped my camera on some rocks for this long exposure of the tide coming in.

Beach selfie!  Harder to accomplish with a DSLR than with a phone!

Everywhere I turned, a scene presented itself to me.

More reflections!

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