Lake George in Fall

I recently had the chance to get out on Lake George and take some photos on a beautiful fall evening.

I used both a wide to mid range zoom and a telephoto lens to capture the scenery from various perspectives.

It's fun to imagine which home you'd most like to live in.

A Sailboat on Lake George

This sailboat caught my eye.

The Lac du Saint Sacrement Across the Lake

Across the lake you can see the Lac du Saint-Sacrement.

Looking Back at Million Dollar Beach

Looking back at Million Dollar Beach.

Lake George in Fall

Beautiful fall foliage and beautiful light!

The Sagamore in AutumnApproaching the Sagamore.

Looking back again at the Lac du Saint-Sacrement as the light gets darker.

That light though!

Lake George in Autumn

More lakeside homes.

The Horicon

The Horicon is a wooden yacht that takes folks out onto the lake.

Million Dollar Beach

Coming back to Million Dollar Beach.

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