Horse Sense Part I

So those of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr know that recently I have developed an interest in photographing horses.  This summer I began volunteering at a wonderful facility called Nipper Knolls Equine Center in Gansevoort, NY and this fall I began taking riding lessons at Rolling Oaks Morgans, also in Gansevoort.  In this series of posts I'm calling Horse Sense, I will share some of the equine-related photos I have been taking.  In this post, you will see photos I took at Nipper Knolls and at Rolling Oaks.

Max is one of the horses at Nipper Knolls.  Here he is peeking out of his stall.

Frankie is a driving horse at Nipper Knolls.  Here he is about to get tacked up for a driving lesson at summer camp.

Frankie in the round pen.

Quincy is another horse at Nipper Knolls.  Here he is sporting a rope halter.

David, one of the owners of Nipper Knolls, pets Frankie.

Luke Snacking

Luke the pony is the smallest of the horses at Nipper Knolls.  Here he grazes on grass in the morning.


Luke taking a walk.

Frankie grazes outside.

Frankie Trotting

Frankie trots!

Me and Sonny, a thoroughbred, at Nipper Knolls.

Sonny and Luke

Sonny and Luke in the background.

Horses in Their Stalls

Four of the five Nipper Knolls horses peek out of their stalls.  Only Quincy is missing, as his is across the way.

Quincy in His Stall

Quincy looking sweet in his stall.

Billy is one of the horses at Rolling Oaks Morgans.

Tex is another horse at Rolling Oaks.

Here I am riding Baby Doll at Rolling Oaks.

Here's a shot of Baby Doll I took after my lesson.

This is Esperanza, another horse I rode at Rolling Oaks.

Stay tuned for my next installment of Horse Sense, where I will share photos I took at Old Friends at Cabin Creek in Greenfield, NY!

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  1. You do know Esperanza died a while ago right?

    1. No, I did not. I haven't been to the barn in a while. How sad.

    2. she was my favorite she had cancer and the vet said she would not last the night so they had to put her down.


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