Photos from the Washington County Fair

It wouldn't be summer without fairs, and I recently visited the Washington County Fair in Greenwich, NY.  Here are a handful of photos I took there.

Two of the horses I found to be most photogenic.

A couple of cows that appear to be conversing.

A rooster.

Everyone wanted to look at the baby ducks.

Dramatic skies overhead as dusk settles in.

A view from the top of the Ferris Wheel.

Some of the rides as seen from above.

A View of the Fair

One last view of the Ferris Wheel.


  1. Great photos! The fair here is not what it used to be. Glad to see it is still thriving in some places!

  2. What camera settings did you use after dusk? Pictures are very sharp and I am assuming you didn't use a tripod so I am guessing you cranked up the ISO?

    1. Yes, I use aperture priority and auto ISO generally so it varies from photo to photo, but the ISO was up real high for those night photos.


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