Army Trades Weekend at Saratoga Battlefield

Yesterday my friend Barb and I went to Army Trades Weekend at Saratoga Battlefield.  Here are some photos I took.

Marshall Scheetz, the cooper, shows how he makes casks.

One of the seamstresses shares about the food eaten in the 18th century.  Below are hand pies.

Shaun Pekar, the shoemaker, works the tools of his trade.

Army Shoemaker

The tailor works on a continental soldier uniform (finished product above).

The tailor's tools.

Two seamstresses enjoy the view.

Ranger Bill the Tinsmith

Ranger Bill Valosin, the tinsmith, demonstrates how cannon ammunition is prepared.

The carpenters work on a traveling forge.

Ranger Joe Craig works as the blacksmith.

There were no cannon firings yesterday, but I still took a picture of one of the cannons you can find at the visitors center.


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