Visiting the Chapman Museum in Glens Falls

A couple weeks ago my friend Barb and I went to the Chapman Historical Museum in Glens Falls, NY.  The museum is comprised mainly of the Zopher DeLong House, an historic home decorated with many of the early twentieth century artifacts that belonged to the owners.

DeLong House

The exterior of the DeLong House is connected to the admissions area and gift shop portion of the museum.

Entering the DeLong House

I used my fisheye lens a lot inside the house, such as here in the entryway.

The Entryway Statue

This small statue was located in the entryway.  I used the fisheye again for a strange perspective.

The dining room.

I love the library, with its built in bookshelves and old Victrola.

The Sound Machine

The parlor includes a piano with sheet music from the turn of the century.

Play Me A Tune

The bedroom, complete with an occupant!  Notice the bug-shaped doorstop in the photo below?

The pillowcases have embroidered designs on them depicting morning and night.

Binoculars and an opera program.

The dollhouse was actually the most fun and challenging to photograph.  Above is a Christmas scene in the living room, with a tiny family portrait above the fireplace.

Little Bed

Two bedrooms; you can see me in the mirror in the one below.


Teeny Tiny Tea Party

Above is the dining room, complete with miniature artwork on the wall.

In several places throughout the house, you can see old fashioned stereoscopic photos and viewers like the one above.

There was a binder at the museum with photos of early schools in Glens Falls.  One of the photos was of the Glens Falls Academy, a private school.  Barb and I went to find it.  Today it's an office building, but the structure still remains in its original state, and it's not hard to imagine it was once a school.


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