Meet Franny!

Two weeks ago, I adopted a sweet six month old kitten whom I named Franny.  She has taken quite quickly to her new forever home, and is happy to pose for the camera.  Here a few of my favorite pics of her.

This was Franny the day I met her, a couple days before I adopted her.

Catching some afternoon rays.

Franny loves to catch rays on the benches by the window.

It's Tiring Being So Cute All Day!

She's a very affectionate girl, and she pretty much follows me around everywhere I go.

Her hobbies include eating sleeping, purring, exploring and scratching everything except her scratching post.

Mom, please play catch with me!

Franny has the most beautiful yellow eyes!

Sweet Franny

Franny by the Window

Pretty soon she'll be too big to sit on the window sill!

Franny Napping


Franny isn't eligible to vote, but she still watches the debates.


  1. I'm so pleased that you adopted our Enya (aka Franny). I just felt that she would be in the perfect home and it is obvious that I was right. Thank you for giving her the happy home she deserves.

    1. Thank you Barbara! I felt an instant bond with her the night you introduced me to her, and we've just taken to each other so quickly! I couldn't have asked for a sweeter cat.


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