Pacific Northwest Trip Part V: Alderbrook Resort and Area

This is the fifth post on my Pacific Northwest trip.  If you haven't already, please check out my posts on the Columbia River Gorge, the Timberline Lodge, the Northern Oregon Coast, and Oregon Coast Historic Sites.  In this post, I will share photos I took in and around the Alberbrook Resort in Union, WA.

On the way to the Alderbrook, I photographed a covered bridge and grist mill (Cedar Creek Grist Mill).

Cedar Creek Grist Mill

The Alderbrook is a rustic resort located on the Hood Canal in Washington State.  To an upstate New Yorker like me, it definitely reminds me of an Adirondack lodge.


The resort has two feline mascots, Alder (above) and Brook (below).  They enjoy being petted.


The folks at Alderbrook encourage guests to get in touch with their artistic side.  They even provide guests with a complimentary sketchbook.  I saw lots of plein air painters while I was there.

View from the Alderbrook

The view from the balcony of the room, taken with my fisheye lens.

Just down the road from the Alderbrook is the Darby Water Wheel.  With a tripod and a long exposure, I captured the wheel spinning as the water poured into it.

Sunset Over the Hood Canal

Sunset on the Hood Canal made for a beautiful scene.

Looking back at the resort from out on the dock as the clouds turned pink.

It must be fun to slide off that slide into the water (the slide isn't part of the resort though).

A Seal in the Hood Canal

If you're patient, you might see a seal pop up to say hello!

The Alderbrook

Walking around the resort at dusk, the sky was just beautiful.

A night view from the balcony.

The next day it was off to Seattle, but not before driving through some of the nearby towns.  The above photo was taken in Port Orchard, the inspiration for Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove series.

Cargo ships are a staple of this area.

Port Orchard can be seen from across the inlet.

In my next post, I'll wrap up this series with photos of Seattle!


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