There's No Place Like Home (To Take Photos)

While photographers often venture out in search of new places to take photos, sometimes inspiration awaits you at home.  Here are some photos I've taken at home (and I use the term "at home" a little bit loosely - it could be my home, my dorm room when I was in college, or a friend or family member's home).

Thanksgiving Blessings

Food photos have become somewhat ubiquitous these days, so it's hard to get a unique shot of a meal.  I was inspired to stand on a chair to get this shot of Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's.

At home is a great place to practice portrait photography.  I took this photo of my grandmother and her identical twin sister back in 2009.

Out the window can be a source of inspiration.  I took the photo above out my dorm room window in college after a rainstorm.  I took the photo below out my bedroom window in spring.  I used a fast lens at a wide aperture to blur the outside.

Blossoms Out My Window

Sometimes I find photographic inspiration in my own yard.  On a foggy day, I thought the trees across the street in the above photo looked interesting.  I took the photo of the tree below in my front yard, as well as the top photo in this post.

Pretty Tree

The yard is a great place to capture "wildlife."  In the same tree in the photo above, I took the photo of the two birds in the photo below.  

Birds of a Feather

Praying Mantis (2)

On a different occasion, I took a photo of a praying mantis in that same tree at night.  Yes, I did illuminate him with a flash.

In Flight

To get the above shot of a hummingbird, I just fired off a bunch of shots, adjusting the focus slightly in between each one.  I found when I used AF, the bird is so small that it's nearly impossible to get a focus on it before it flies off.

Backyard Bunny

This bunny munching on some grass in my backyard was awful cute!

A Single Rose

A Judy Garland rose planted in my backyard proved a lovely subject for a photo.  I used two flashes to illuminate it.

Milky Way Over the Homestead

Have you ever shot the Milky Way? A dark environment free of light pollution is really ideal, but it's not impossible to do outside your own home! I followed the Lonely Speck YouTube Tutorial on how to photograph and post-process the milky way in harsh light pollution by exposing to the right. With a lot of playing around with colors and contrast, I was able to bring the milky way out in this photo.

Taking things indoors, photography can be a great way to implement digital scrapbooking.  A couple of years ago I completed a project called Trinkets & Treasures, where I photographed memories from various "eras" of my life.

Cookies & Milk Paris Style

Got something you want to take a picture of?  There's no better backdrop than a flash gel!  Hours of fun can be had with these simple translucent gels you place over your flash.  Last year I wrote a post about using flash gels.

Milk and Cereal

Cameo Self Portrait

One of my favorite flash gel photos is the cameo selfie I took above.  By the way, if you're short on subjects to photograph, don't forget to flip the camera around on yourself.  I had a lot of fun making the yoga selfie below.  For more of my zany selfies, check out this post I recently wrote.

Yoga Selfie!

Casey in the Drawer (1)

I couldn't write a post about taking photos around the house without including a couple of cat photos!  Sometimes the best pet photos are the unexpected moments.  Casey went right to sleep in the drawer in the above photo.  In the below photo, I chose an overhead composition so you could see the awesome welcome mat which says "I watch over the house" in French.

Je garde la maison

My Violin

Sometimes I get so desperate for new things to photograph I just look around my house for photogenic objects.  Although I haven't played violin since high school, it was an important part of my education in grades 4-12, so I have kept it all these years.  Using the closest focus on my 135mm lens, I took this not-quite-macro shot.

Santa Came!

Christmas time is always a season where I find myself taking more photos, such as the Christmas tree above and the cookies below.

Christmas Cookie Collage

Tychs are a fun way to tell a story with your photos.  A few years ago I made a post on tychs and photo collages.


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