Through the Glass Dispatch, Volume 5

Through the Glass Dispatch is a bulletin where I showcase some of my recent photos, share what photo projects and trips I have coming up, and share what photo-related stories I've been following online.  Click here to browse the archives.

What's New?

I recently made a map of photos I've taken around my hometown of Saratoga Springs, NY.  Whether you live in Saratoga or are thinking of visiting, I think you'll find it useful.  Google Street View allows us to visualize places a lot more easily than we were previously able too, but it can't go everywhere and it doesn't capture every perspective.

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

Santa Monica Pier at Night

I have been blogging about my photo adventures in Southern California since February.  If you didn't already, check out my posts on Pasadena, Warner Brothers Studios, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and Malibu, Disney California Adventure, and Disneyland Park.

Throwback - A Photo from the Archives

Approaching the Paramount Ranch

While we're on the theme of Southern California, here's a photo I took at the Paramount Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains back in 2012.  The Paramount Ranch is a western frontier town set used in a number of tv shows and movies as far back as the 1920s.

Photographers I've Been Following
Loïc Lagarde - Beautiful photos of France and beyond
Wayne Pinkston - Gorgeous Astrophotography
garshna - Captivating photos of rural Oregon, Washington, and beyond.
Iwona Podlasinska - A woman takes magical-looking portraits of her children

What I've Been Reading
In Defense of Flickr via Thomas Hawk
After Missing My Bus I Decided To Walk Home In A Blizzard via Bored Panda
The 11 Stupidest Things Photographers Say About Gear via PetaPixel
"Don't Tell My Mom!" 7 Crazy Things Photo Thieves Say via Pixsy
Getty Accuses Google of Photo Theft in Europe via PetaPixel

Did You Know?

Every time I post a photo to Flickr, I add it to a set that corresponds with the lens I took it with.  I have a whole collection comprised of 25 sets for just about every lens and flash unit I've ever owned, rented, or even borrowed from a friend (of course, I don't currently own all of them!).  There are compact cameras, kit lenses, professional lenses, and everything in between.  I'm a long-standing Canon user, so most of the lenses are either Canon brand or Canon compatible, with the exception of a few Sony lenses I used before switching over.  If you're looking into renting or purchasing any of the lenses or flash units in my collection, browsing through photos taken with them is a great way to get acquainted with them and see what they're capable of doing.  I created this sets because I always spend lots of time looking at photos taken with a lens before buying it.


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