From the Archives: New York City

From the Archives is a series where I share photos of a particular location that I took in years past (as in, before I started this blog in July 2013).  In today's post, I will share photos I took in New York City.  Click here to read previous installments.

The massive amounts of bread at Eataly (2010)

Radio City Music Hall ready or Christmas (2010).

The Berteismann Building in Time Square (2010)

Madison Square Park (2011)

The subway and the Flatiron Building (2011)

E 49th Street

E 49th St (2010)

NYC Dance Parade 2011

The New York City Dance Parade (2011)

The Bubble Maker

A bubble maker in Central Park (2013)

Cars zooming by on 5th Avenue (2011)

Skateboarding in Central Park

A skateboarder in Central Park (2011)

A Horse Takes a Drink

A carriage horse taking a drink just outside Central Park (2013)


Rockefeller Center (2013)

New York by Night

Bustling Streets at Night (2013)

Skaters at Rockefeller Center (2010)

Central Park in Monochrome

Central Park in black & white (2013)

Click here and here to view some more recent photos I've taken in New York City.


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