Fall Foliage in the Berkshires

Yesterday I took a trip to Stockbridge, MA to photograph the fall foliage.  I came back with a lot of shots to share!

On the way, I got some photos of the scenery (hopefully it goes without saying that I was not the one driving!).  Above is the Thaddeus Kosciusko bridge in Albany, and below is the Albany skyline.

Albany Sunrise

Some of the rural scenes along the way.

A morning scene in Austerlitz, NY.

A church in West Stockbridge, MA/

The Stockbridge Bowl

Olivia's Overlook in West Stockbridge offers a stunning view of the man made Stockbridge Bowl.

The beautiful meadow above is owned by Tanglewood.  You can see the Stockbridge Bowl in the background.

The shore of the Stockbridge Bowl looks beautiful with all the fall foliage in the background.

I broke out the neutral density filter for some long exposures.

Stockbridge Bowl

Above:  a house settled in the mountains; below:  the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

The Berkshire School of the  Arts has an unique look.

The Norman Rockwell Museum has beautiful grounds.

The above building was once an attorney's cottage, but today is the administration building for the museum.

Above is Norman Rockwell's final studio, which he willed to the museum.

My friend Barb taking a photo.

Rockwell's studio with fall foliage in the background.

A beautiful tree with the administration building in the background.  This was actually a multi-shot panorama, as was the photo of my friend Barb.

Another view of Rockwell's studio.

Stockbridge is home to the Austen Riggs Center, a psychiatric facility where Judy Garland once received treatment in the 1940s.  Being a huge Judy Garland fan, I was intrigued to see the building.  The photo above is of the administration building.

The Stockbridge Cemetery seemed like an appropriate subject for fall.

More of the cemetery with the Children's Chime Tower in the back.

The newly restored Mission House, built in 1739, was the home of a  Christian missionary who came to live in Stockbridge.

The gorgeous Naumkeag Cottage was built for attorney Thomas Choate in 1886. 

Another photo of the Kosciusko Bridge on the way back.


  1. Beautiful autumn captures!!!!! Each one a classic!!!

  2. An intriguing photographic blog, with many places shown that may become destinations one day. The photos give evidence of skill behind the lens. Well done, Samantha!


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