Saratoga Springs...from Above!

I recently took a helicopter tour of Saratoga Springs with Independent Helicopters to photograph the town from a different perspective than I'm used to.  I'm excited to share some of the shots I took in this post.

In the photo above, you can see the Saratoga Spa State Park (the golf course, the Victoria Pool in the center, and the Hall of Springs on the left) and downtown off in the distance.

Saratoga Spa State Park from Above

Picture above is a closer look at the Hall of Springs area of the State Park.

Another golf course, Saratoga National, and Lake Lonely.
Above:  Saratoga Lake

Downtown Saratoga From Above

Above is one of my favorite photos, featuring downtown Saratoga and Broadway cutting right through it.

Loughberry Lake and Wilton from Above

Pictured above is Loughberry Lake and the shopping areas of Wilton in the background.

Flying Over Saratoga Lake and Fish Creek

Saratoga Lake and Fish Creek are picture above.

Lake Avenue School from Above

The historic Lake Avenue School building, above, is situated near downtown.

Saratoga Springs Public Library from Above

And there's our wonderful public library, which just celebrated its twentieth year at its current location.

Sunset over Oklahoma Track

The beautiful Oklahoma Training Track, where I have spent many a sunrise.

Looking Toward Downtown Saratoga

Another photo of downtown, approaching it from the east.

The beautiful Yaddo mansion, now an artists retreat.

School Sweet School

School sweet school!  We couldn't not fly over my alma mater middle school, which is also the place where I happen to teach.

Sunset Over the High School

And now a dramatic sunset shot of my high school.  I actually didn't recognize it at first!

Saratoga Race Course from Above

Above and below, the famed Saratoga Race Course, which doubles our city's population during the summer.

Saratoga Race Course from Above

Congress Park can be seen at the bottom center of the photo above.

Above is the harness track and the Saratoga Casino and Raceway.

Pictured above are more of the colorful buildings of Saratoga's downtown (with Broadway at the bottom).

Thanks to pilot Heather Howley for taking this photo of me during the tour!

Above is another photo of Saratoga Lake, almost unrecognizable from up here.

After we landed, I also took a shot of Heather and the aircraft we rode in.  I wish I could do that every day!

If you enjoyed these photos, you can buy prints of some of them over on my website.


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