Saratoga Spring 2015 in Photos

A Tranquil Evening in Congress Park

This spring I have been out and about as usual taking photos in Saratoga and the surrounding areas, most of them with my new Canon 16-35mm lens.  One of the first exciting outings I had this spring was with my photographer friend Barb.  We walked around downtown Saratoga one Sunday afternoon into the evening, taking photos in Congress Park and on Broadway.

Congress Spring Bathed in Afternoon Sunlight

The sunset was beautiful that night.  I loved the way the golden light was hitting the Congress Spring when I took this photo.

Self Portrait:  Congress Park

I took this self portrait using the EOS remote app on my phone to trigger the shutter.  I just love the 16-35's sun stars!

Broadway Sunset

Yes, I'll take some more sun flare please.

A Blur of Cars on Broadway

Barb and I stood at this crosswalk for about five minutes taking photos.  I layered a few exposures here to get all the cool car light trails in one shot.

People Moving Down Broadway on a Beautiful Spring Evening

I just love getting people walking by in my photos.  As Barb pointed out, when people are walking, their feet move the least.  You can see the feet really clearly in these photos, but the bodies are nothing but a blur.  This is a blend of a few different shots.

As the sun went down, I got a shot of the new Pavilion Grand Hotel on Lake Ave.

Congress Park Carousel at Night

Congress Park at night looks almost magical.

Congress Park at Night

Self Portrait:  Tree at Night

Another self portrait using the EOS remote app.

My favorite spring, Hathorn, just outside Congress Park.

Pretty Tree

For a couple weeks, the tree in my front yard blooms with gorgeous pink buds.

Birds of a Feather

Here's a mom and dad bird in the tree.  Mom built a nest and laid eggs right in the wreath hanging on the front door.  Below is one of the little baby birds.

Beautiful Blossoms in Congress Park

Another walk through Congress Park offered the above view.

Saratoga National Cemetery

On Memorial Day, my mom and I headed just outside of town to Saratoga National Cemetery to pay respect to the men and women who have served our country.

A Tribute for Memorial Day

I spotted this Army honor guard in the cemetery.

You can see lots of mementos left to honor loved ones.

Schuyler House

Next up was a tour of the Philip Schuyler House, part of the Saratoga National Historic Park.  Unfortunately, no photos are allowed inside the house, but it's always nice to go and brush up on local history.

Ranger Bill Wallace, who gave the tour, was kind enough to pose for this photo afterward.

Thanks to Those Who Have Served

The final stop of the day was to the grave of my grandfather who, as you can see, served in the Army himself.

It may not be officially summer yet, but I feel like it is.  Soon you'll be seeing lots of horse photos from me at the Saratoga Race Course and the Oklahoma Training Track!


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