Walt Disney World 2015, Part V: Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

This is the last of five installments of posts featuring photos I took at Walt Disney World this year.  I previously shared my photos of Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney's Animal KingdomEPCOT, and Magic Kingdom.  This post will feature photos of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, where I stayed.

I had wanted to stay at the AKL for years.  The concept of the hotel is that you are staying at an African lodge overlooking the savanna.  Giraffes, zebras, and other animals roam around just outside your window.  Unfortunately, as you can see from the photo above, few of the animals actually came very close to our window.  I did have my telephoto lens with me, but it was disappointing to have better views of the animals from the public viewing area down below than from my own room.

Above, you can see the savanna framed by the balcony.

Above, you can enjoy the African artwork on the sides of the building as you take the long walk from your room to the lobby.  I used my fisheye a lot at this resort.

A unique view of the lobby and the window that looks out onto the savanna.  The ornate architecture is this hotel's specialty.

The Magnificent Lobby of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

The Kilimanjaro Club lounge offers my favorite view of the lobby from above.  It's a shame, though, that the club lounge wasn't overlooking the savanna.

I took advantage of my tripod and my Tamron 150-600mm lens to get this shot.  Unfortunately, they bring in the giraffes and zebras at night.

Good Morning Animal Kingdom Lodge
An empty lobby one morning before heading out to the parks.

A sunrise from a small balcony near the elevator.  You can see the pool in the background.  I never actually made it out there.

This is a bridge that connects one side of the lobby to the other.  From here you get another high up view of the lobby and a great view of the window out to the savanna (below).

Dusk is a great time to explore the exterior of the resort.  There are a number of places to enjoy the scenery and wildlife.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge at Dusk

I prefer these giraffe shots that I took from the public viewing areas to the ones I took from my room, because you can't see any fencing.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Savanna

Up close an personal with the antelope and zebras.  While you are looking at the wildlife, cultural representatives from Africa are on hand to chat with you and answer any questions.

The architecture of the exterior of the resort is just as beautiful as that of the interior.

At night, guests can enjoy toasting marshmallows at the fire pit.

Above is the the Victoria Falls lounge, where guests can enjoy a drink or a snack.

A short walk to Kidani Village, where Disney Vacation Club members stay, offers a different esthetic.  Above and below, the intricate designs of the lobby.

Kidani Village Lobby at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Wildebeests at the savanna.

The Jambo House lobby at night.

On my last morning, I snapped a few photos of the animals before heading out.

I enjoyed the opportunity to stay at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, but considering that most of the best parts of the hotel are accessible to the public and the view overlooking the savanna doesn't even get you the best shots, I don't plan on staying there again.


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