Thanksgiving on Cape Cod

A couple weeks ago, I was on Cape Cod with my family for Thanksgiving, and I got a lot of photos I've been excited to share.

Battle of the Pies

First come the obligatory pie shots.  Both were shot with my 50mm lens on a Canon 6D.  The top on was exposed with ambient light and the bottom one was exposed with ambient light and a Canon 270ex flash bounced off the wall for side lighting.  I left my larger flash heads at home in favor of a smaller load.

Battle of the Pies

Sunset at First Encounter Beach

At First Encounter Beach in Eastham, I captured what I can only describe as the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen.  It was freezing cold and the wind was blowing, but the light was perfect.  I had to jump up and down the whole time my photos were exposing to try and keep warm.  Most of these shots were long exposures taken with a neutral density filter.  Long exposures aren't a ton of fun when you're freezing, but we all know that pain is temporary and digital imaging is forever.

Golden Light Hits the Sand

I try to remember to capture other scenes besides just catching the sun in the frame.  I love the way the light hit the sand.

Pink Skies at Night, Sailors Delight

The Perfect Sunset

The Last Rays of Sun

The birds flying by couldn't have been more perfect.  I just barely got a couple of good shots as I fumbled to change settings and zoom in and out in the cold.

Birds Fly Over Cape Cod Bay

The Desolate Path to the Ocean

Then it was onto Coast Guard Beach for an eerie blue hour.

The Coast Guard Station

And finally, onto Nauset Light before it got completely dark.

A Snowman at Nauset Light Beach

The Dark and Desolate Ocean

One of my favorite photos from the trip is the one below of Nauset Light.

Nauset Light at Blue Hour

My family doesn't miss a morning trip to Hole in One for donuts and coffee.

Wellfleet Through the Trees

A visit to our beloved town of Wellfleet brought us to a few shops for sales.  I took a few photos around Uncle Tim's Bridge.

Uncle Tim's Bridge

Mayo Beach After the Snow

This bench by Mayo Beach looked awfully lonely.

Walking to the Tree Lighting

In Orleans, it was fun watching the children and parents walk down the street caroling on their way to the annual Christmas Tree lighting.

My family loves crafts.

On the last day, we visited Fort Hill in the morning before we left and I took this photo of the Penman House.

Tools I used to create the photos this post:  Canon EOS 6D, Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USMCanon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM, Canon Speedlite 270ex - Discontinued, but you can buy the improved Canon Speedlite 270ex II


  1. Absolutely lovely photographic images ... what a lovely holiday ... thanks for bringing us along!!!


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