10 Things I Saw at the Saratoga Downtown Business Association Fall Festival

A Magician on Broadway

A photographer buddy and I decided to head downtown to photograph the goings on at the Saratoga Downtown Business Association's Fall Festival.  The Fall Festival is a family-friendly day-long event with entertainment, costumes, and fun for the kids.  I'd never been before, so there where a lot of things that caught my eye.  Here are ten things in particular that I saw:

1.  A magician!  As featured above.  The kids enjoyed watching him.

Juggler at the Saratoga Fall Festival

2.  A juggler/stilt walker.  It takes some real talent to be able to walk on stilts.

3.  Kids rolling pumpkins down Caroline Street.  Looked like fun!  

4.  People dressed up in costumes.  I love this Raggedy Ann one! 

4.  Dogs!  Some in costume, some not.
5.  Beautiful scenery.  A trip downtown in Saratoga pretty much requires a walk through Congress Park.  Even though it's pretty much past peak here, I still thought everything looked beautiful.
The Stream in Congress Park

I've never seen such a long line for the carousel!

6.  Olaf!  This person…I mean, snowman, gets major points with me for going all out.  I didn't realize you were supposed to dress up…next year! 


7.  Singers. Thanks for creating a great atmosphere (and for smiling for the camera!)

8. Pigs!

Everyone Wants to Pet Newman.

Newman Gives A Kiss

9. A puppy! My friend brought her daughter's new puppy Newman out on the town and he captured everyone's attention!

9.  A parade.  I had a great view from the patio at Cantina! 

I had a great day, and I look forward to capturing it again next year.
Tools I used to create the photos this post:  Canon EOS 6D, Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM, Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USMCanon EF 135mm f/2.0L USM


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